Óga (Hailey Sandoz and Joseph Carmichael)

Óga (Irish for “young”) is the duo of Hailey Sandoz and Joseph Carmichael; hailing from the Dallas area, playing tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Canada, their own minds, and anywhere else they like.

Although both are young in actuality, with Hailey still only in her teens, and Joseph his twenties; Their combined musical sensibilities encompass a very youthful, wild energy and a bold willingness to try new things.

Together and separately, the two have performed at venues including the North Texas Irish Festival, Texas Scottish Festival, Austin Celtic Festival, Kansas City Irish Festival, Texas State Fair, Western Music Association Festival, and the San Antonio Highland Games.

In 2012, Hailey was the recipient of the Byron D. Cameron Memorial Music Scholarship, attending workshops in Canada under the tutelage of Natalie MacMaster and Liz Carroll.

Combining folk tunes with improvisation and influences such as bluegrass, jazz, funk, post-rock, swing, and a collective love for the unusual, we assure you that being “young” is never a bad thing.

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