Ronan Ryan: Happy to receive a CD in the post from Hailey Sandoz.. a fabulous young Texan fiddler who recorded one of my jigs on her album, with guitarist Joseph Carmichael. Great job Hailey, I really like what you did with the tune.. hope we'll get to meet up and play it together one 

Dana Phillip Emmette 

This is one of the best Instrumental CDs I have come across in a long time. Every note perfectly placed, and the ones that have a vocal track match the music so well. this was well thought,and prepared I have enjoyed my copy so very much I encourage anyone reading this GET ONE!! You will be glad you did. 

Bill Margeson, Live Ireland (Radio) 

There are four albums this month to which attention must be paid. Great stuff to be sure, to be sure! Two of them are immediate contenders for Vocal/Instrumental CD of the Year, one is the early leader for Compendium Album of the Year, and one is a stunner from an incredibly talented fiddle player, Haley Sandoz. No priority order here in the albums:  Let’s start with Hailey Sandoz. Prodigy. Unbelievable. The album is entitled, Fingerprints. The name of the group is Óga. Actually, the “group” is she and guitarist, Joseph Carmichael. Brace yourself. Hailey is 15 years old. 15. But here’s the deal. She is just about the best new fiddle player we have heard in a long, long time---regardless of age! The correct word IS “prodigy”. Four of the tunes on this album are also penned by her, with two co-authored by Óga partner, the very good guitarist, Carmichael. Two are penned by her friend and musical mentor, Liz Carroll. When we heard the cd, we called friend Liz, and she raves about Hailey in two areas. Liz is as stunned as we are by the ability and musical maturity of Hailey---and, far more importantly, what a great young person she is. We are going to do a full article on her here very soon. LiveIreland’s worldwide audience must know of this young gun! WOW! Go to the website: There are lots of guest artists on this album, but be in no doubt. The story here is Hailey Sandoz. There is nothing better in our business than finding new, young talent of a major league level out of the starting gate. Óga is that. Long career here for Hailey. Did we say it before? Let us repeat. WOW! 

Doc Mehl 
What a pleasure to hear Hailey Sandoz… one of the best fiddle players north of the Rio Grande.  On the album "Oga - Fingerprints" you'll find everything... tunes that travel from toe-tapping to heart-warming.  The only thing better than Hailey Sandoz on your stereo is Hailey Sandoz in live concert; you'll see wisps of smoke flying from her fingertips, you'll be pierced by shards of soul rising from the strings. 

Eddie and Pam Vaughn 

We are so glad that our trails have crossed. So much talent at such a young age... Keep on doing what you do, you light up everyone around you. 

Gail Arbetter 
Thank you so much for sending me your CD, Fingerprints.  I think it is fantastic, and I absolutely love it!  It is currently on my car CD player, and I have listened to it many times.  Your music inspires me and  communicates musicality and joy.  Congratulations to you and Joseph on an incredible achievement at such a young age.

Gale Rogers 

I received my CD and think it's awesome! It is well produced, and so much talent on there. It' a real toe-tapper. It made me want to go get my tap shoes and dance along. I am so proud of you both. You did a great job. I wish you much success. 

David A. Krubsack 

So glad to have met you at your performance last week. It was intensely interesting watching your fingers and trying to dissect the technical precision in the context of artistic grace and joy. My favorite: slight hold, glissando, big smile. Keep serving the Lord with the great blessings he has given you. 

Nancy Sandoz 

So pleased to have your website and to see you on You Tube. I am going to pass this on to the rest of the Sandoz clan here in and to Janet Sandoz Blott. She and her boys and Emily will love it. You are outstanding. 

John McGuire 

Keep on playin', keep on dancin', keep on smilin' 

Lisa Wall 

Hi Hailey, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family at Rex's memorial service! I love your website and impressed with all of your accomplishments. We would love to know if or when you will be performing again, especially if you'll be playing again at Scarborough Faire. I'd love for you and my daughter (Haley) to meet sometime. I think you two would have fun. Tell your mom and dad we said "hello". Lisa & Scott 

Greg Eaton 

My wife and I were wandering around the 2012 NTIF, heard a beautiful sound, and followed it. And there you were. You are an amazing fiddler. Keep it up! If you are there this year, I'll make a point of seeing the show from the beginning. 

Stephen Thompson 

Love the new Website, Carefull now. Dont get in too big of a hurry to Grow up. Being Grown up is so Boring. 

Joann Smith 

Love the new website. You are a truly gifted musician. Love you. Nonnie 

Bob and Linda Brooks 

We are always dazzled by your talent. God bless you.

Andrew & Jean Lindsay 

We saw you dance and play with the Shandon-O'Regan Irish Dancers at the 2011 North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF) and were blown away. We had no idea who you were, but remembered the performance. This Saturday, (03/03/2012) at the NTIF, Andrew stumbled across your performance and so made sure Jean got to see you today. What a delight. You are every bit as entertaining as Andrew's long time favorite fiddle player Natalie MacMaster. Your CD was our 'drive home' music and it didn't disappoint us. Seeing "Serving the Lord through music & dance" on your business card is wonderful. We know every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord. The joy of the Lord radiates in you. Blessings and favor to you, Andrew & Jean Lindsay